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CartoDB is an open source tool that allows for the storage and visualization of geospatial data on the web. See

Our own CartoDB server is at . Accounts can be made on request by after being OK-ed by Willem Bouten.

Installation documentation of CartoDB server can be found at

GPS tables

The following tables are available on the CartoDB server:

  • gps.ee_species_limited
  • gps.ee_individual_limited
  • gps.ee_project_limited
  • gps.ee_tracker_limited
  • gps.ee_track_session_limited
  • gps.ee_tracking_speed_limited
  • gps.ee_acceleration_limited
  • gps.ee_acc_start_limited
  • gps.ee_nest_limited
  • gps.ee_nest_inhabitant_limited

The tables have the same colums as described on DB_Views_2015

Tables with a location column have been made CartoDB compliant by

  • Adding cartodb_id column, as primary key
  • Adding the_geom_webmercator column
  • Renaming the location column to the_geom column

Only data from the following projects is available on the CartoDB server:

  • lbbg_texel
  • hg_texel
  • hb_veluwe
  • ef_alegranza

The data is not synced.


  • Disk space is limited, please do not copy data from gps.* tables to your own account
  • Some links will redirect back to
  • Whenever you see an error or have a support question please don't contact support at cartodb, but contact
  • Geocoding (eg. converting city name to lat,lon) is not working
  • Login with Google+ does not work
  • Making visualization of a lot of rows (more than 65000 rows per tile) can be very slow
  • Export image does not work. Make screenshot of web page as a workaround

Create CartoDB map visualization based on eEcology data

  1. Press `NEW MAP` button
  2. Press `CREATE NEW MAP` button
  3. Press `CREATE EMPTY MAP` button
  4. Enter a SQL query in the SQL tab (SQL icon left side of screen)
  5. Press `Apply query` button
  6. Switch to `MAP VIEW` to see the map

Example queries

A time window of a single tracker

FROM gps.ee_tracking_speed_limited 
device_info_serial = 344
date_time BETWEEN '2013-01-01' AND '2014-01-01'

Compare 2 species

SELECT cartodb_id, the_geom, the_geom_webmercator, date_time, english_name
gps.ee_species_limited s
JOIN gps.ee_individual_limited i ON s.latin_name = i.species_latin_name
JOIN gps.ee_track_session_limited USING (ring_number)
JOIN gps.ee_tracking_speed_limited USING (device_info_serial)
date_time BETWEEN '2015-01-01' AND '2015-06-02'
english_name IN ('Herring Gull', 'Lesser Black-backed Gull')

Share visualizations and datasets

Sharing has several different levels:

  • public, visualization is listed on your public profile page
  • public if url is known
  • readable by logged in users
  • private