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About FlySafe

The FlySafe project precursor (Step 2 of Avian Alert) has been selected to demonstrate the added value of integrating different existing space and non-space systems across national borders to further improve military flight safety by reducing the risk of bird-aircraft collisions. The primary long term objectives of this project is to stimulate and support the development of an European and later international bird warning system available through Internet technology for pilots, air traffic controllers and flight planners to improve flight safety. The current project includes partners and observers from the Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland from military aviation, academic and national institutes and industry. The systems that will be used to collect data on bird migration and bird movements in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France include long range military radars and short range local radar systems, meteorological Doppler radars, and satellite tracking of individual birds. Each of these data sources are complementary to some extent. All of these information sources will be integrated into the virtual laboratory for bird migration. Different aspects of bird migration will also be modeled in order to provide predictions and forecasts of migration at different scales in space and time.